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Who will you be working with?

Melissa J. Long, CTRS, CDP

Melissa is a certified recreational therapist, certified dementia practitioner, providing goal oriented therapy to individuals with multiple diagnoses and delivering individualized services based on each person’s past, present, and future interests and lifestyle. Customizing a treatment plan that encompasses social, cognitive, physical, and leisure needs is vital to a successful program. Healthy living is encouraged and promoted to ensure not only improved functioning, but also to enhance independence and successful involvement in all aspects of life. Melissa is also a Licensed BCAT® practitioner.

Melissa is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine with a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation and Leisure Studies and a minor in Health Studies. Melissa has been providing care to older adults for 16+ years.

She has had the opportunity to:

•Live in Romania and provide sensory integration for orphans

•Hold the position of Social coordinator for participants in the Cerebral Palsy - International Sports and

Recreation Association (CP- ISRA) World Championship

She currently holds positions on the following committees:

•Fairfax County High School Student "Shark Tank" Assistive Technology Challenge

•Co Section Leader for Adult Section of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association


•Tips to consider. The geriatric recreation therapist’s role in disaster preparedness

               Excerpt: Disaster preparedness is not just a thought anymore; it is a way of life for long-term care     

              facilities. As healthcare providers, we are responsible for the safety and comfort of our residents, 

              even when the worst is happening.


•ATRA Frank L. Bastile Clinician of the Year 2016

This award recognizes the recipient’s outstanding contribution to recreational therapy through creative and innovative programming in a clinical setting through promotion of the profession and service to developing professionals.

Published Posters on Evidence based Practice.

American Geriatric Society 2016

Published Posters on Evidence based Practice

American Therapeutic Recreation Association 2017

Published Posters on Evidence based Practice

American Therapeutic Recreation Association 2017

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